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Landlords in BC: Reviews on BC Landlords Association Membership/TVS/Other Services?

August 4th, 2014 · No Comments · BC landlord credit check, BC Landlords Association Review,, Latest News


Hi fellow BCers, Does anyone have experience with the $99 or $199 One Time Membership Fee through

I initially checked out Equifax’s tenant verification – it costs $150 per year with $25 per credit check, and they said if I have a membership through BCLA I get a discount. On first look it looks like the BCLA membership is the better deal.

So is the extra $100 worth it for all the extra stuff? Is the $99 worth it for the basic membership?

I just registered for TVS, which was free, but haven’t used it yet. Any experiences? Also heard about Rentcheck, Backcheck and some other services – anyone have any experience there?

Above is a great question from a new Vancouver landlord.

BC landlords have questions on what whether not joining the BC Landlords Association is a good decision for them.

Internet Trolls and Competitors Reply With Fake Information

It’s actually pretty sad. This person was quickly given bad information from a troll who conveniently made up lies about the BC Landlords Association while also giving misinformation praising competing groups and companies.

They defamed the group by saying things like the BC landlord forum is “scammy” because it’s associated with the Ontario Landlords Association forum and other provinces.

BC Landlords Forum

The reality is all the provincial forums are connected so landlords across Canada can network with each other.

There are few places for landlords to network and by being “Canada wide” there is strength in numbers and landlords from all over can share tips and advice.

The only thing “scammy” is the mysterious troll who posted misinformation.

Credit Checks

The troll also said they get credit checks for only $9.99 per check.

What they failed to say is they only get that by joining a group with an expensive annual membership fee. Oh, and that group doesn’t even exist any more!

The reply to a new landlord was only to defame the BC Landlords Association and lie to try to recruit members to a group with an expensive annual fee!

Landlords In BC – True review on BC Landlords Association Membership/TVS/Other Services

There have been some true reviews written on BC Landlords Association Membership and how it helps landlords.

One of the best is on the Landlord Success website called “BC Landlords Association Review: Why You Should Become a Member of the BC Landlords Association.”

So Why Should I Become a Member of the BC Landlords Association?

There a number of logical reasons why joining the BC Landlords Association makes sense for landlords who want to succeed and make profits.

1. One-Time Registration Fee

It’s only a one-time fee! Unlike other BC groups who charge an annual fee.

2. Recognized by the British Columbia Government

The BC Landlords Association is recommended as a source of information for small residential landlords.

3. Private Members Forum

There is over 12,000 posts from experienced and success landlords sharing tips and advice.

4. BC Landlord Rental Kit

Get all the leases and other documents you need in your own on-line library where you can download them 24/7.

5. Premium BC Credit Checks

Get premium credit checks at terrific prices, including from Equifax Canada!

With only a one-time fee and amazing services membership with the BCLA can’t be beat!

Landlords in BC: Reviews on BC Landlords Association Membership/TVS/Other Services?

Avoid the trolls who have to resort to fake posts because they are afraid of going out of business!

The BC Landlords Association is highly recommended with a one-time registration fee (no annual fee) and terrific services!

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